Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pangea - Living Dummy

Double post day! Whoo! Listen to this awesome garage fuzz and then go to the Burger Boogaloo and listen to it some more. Lo-fi scuzz punk to match how you feel inside.

Daniel Striped Tiger - No Difference

Daniel Striped Tiger fucking owns and this album is basically just 30 minutes of awesome riffs and punishing grooves. I know the "new Max" is all into keyboards and tone sounds and shit but hopefully that's all on its way out. Listening to this album right now is the equivalent of taking your first breath of air after being underwater, then immediately punching the paramedic in the face and stealing his dumb fanny pack.

Sorry for the YouTube links. Download here.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Jamz

This is not a post about songs that are about summer or songs that remind me of summer in any way. My taste in music is season independent. This is mostly a post of music I will soon associate with summer.

Here are some ideas I associate with summer: not going to school, staying up late, driving, not wearing a shirt, drinking beer, going to work, walking, blinding sunlight, cutoffs, getting ignored by women, riding my bicycle, going to the beach and remembering I don't care about the ocean, sleeping naked, listening to my ipod while going somewhere by myself, sitting on the diving board in my parents' backyard, and that's it.

00:00 NPTO - Whatever Brains
03:10 Kaspar Hauser Lied - Glocca Morra
05:40 Sass - Slam Dunk
10:04 Get Us Here - For Serious This Time
13:15 Sea Babies - Beat Happening
15:52 No Safe - Fat History Month
17:34 S'okay - Love of Everything
20:15 Harness Your Hopes - Pavement
23:40 Way to be Tall - By Surprise
26:53 Pets - Pile
31:09 Paper R.T. - Big Soda
32:45 Red Bullgirls - Sneeze
35:20 Vice City - Summer Vacation
37:05 The Kids are Fucking Brilliant - The Max Levine Ensemble
39:13 Great Plans - Mike Huguenor
40:34 Not a Care in the World - Beat Happening
44:14 Catchin' the Vibe - Quasimoto
46:56 A Turreted Berg - My Disco
51:06 Drive Through Rainbow - Love of Everything

Tereshkova - Intergalactic Letdown

Here's another one from Lillerne Tapes. I ordered this tape with the lovely Strange Mountain album about which I last posted. I've recently shied away from 'reverby-lo-fi-bedroom-pop' (or whatever you want to call it) because it's become a convenient meal for a bunch of hungry music blogs that I'll never read. Bedroom pop projects and blogs have been increasing exponentially to try counterbalance one another, only to result in a surplus of one or the other at any given moment of time (citation forthcoming). Moral of the story = there's too much filler and I can't keep up. I'm glad Lillerne Tapes is doing the dirty work for me because Tereshkova stand out from the rest, and are worth your attention and time.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Strange Mountain - Slow Midnight

Here's some awesome music out of Jakarta, Indonesia. This is real sincere and delicate.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Foods that I like

Max requested a list of foods that I like. I'm not sure where he's going with that, since I like almost everything. I think he just wants to me to make a list so that he can ask about food that is not on the list, thus demonstrating that he knows me better than I know myself. He's an asshole, alright, but he's my kind of asshole. I say this because that is exactly the kind of asshole I was when he posted a list of foods that he likes. 

Here are some foods that I like. This list is not comprehensive.

Mangoes, all varieties. Yellows are my favorite. 
Apples. Right now mostly Fujis. I tried a Braeburn and it was mealy as hell. It was so mealy that I didn't even finish eating it at lunch. I took it home and cooked it up in butter and cinnamon and ate it over ice cream. That's about all the use I have for mealy apples, but I would never buy a mealy apple for that purpose. I got some huuuuuuuge Fujis at sprouts last week, and they were awesome. Crisp as the dickens and so, so sweet. Some foods sacrifice flavor in favor of size, but not these babies. They were huge and tasty. I guess there's really not much more to say about an apple beyond how big it was, whether or not it was a shitty mealy apple, and if it was tasty. 
Korean pears, brown pears, brown sand pears. Generic Asian-type pears. 
Orange-colored citruses. Grapefruits can fuck off. 
Bull testicles.

So that's the list. It is not comprehensive. Looking at it now I see that it is mostly fruit. I don't know why that happened. 

My heart is not in this post. 

Love of Everything - Best In Tensions

I've been listening to lots and lots of Joan of Arc lately and this band is pretty well ingrained in their family tree. Love of Everything is a guy named Bobby Burg and he's an excellent songwriter. The songs are much more stripped down and bare than typical Joan of Arc stuff which is pretty nice. Some of it isn't all that fleshed out and the album sort of sounds more like a demo tape of sorts. It's sweet, likable stuff. Bobby Burg doesn't want to just have sex with you, he wants to marry you and be with you forever. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Foods that everyone should like and if you don't like them I will judge you

I've been listening to a lot of music lately but I haven't really had the urge to post anything because I'm boring and have nothing interesting to say (about music, currently). So here's a list I made of foods that I think everyone should like. If you don't like any of these foods you should keep this a secret and never, ever tell me because you will lose much, if not all, of my respect. If we ever make plans to hang out I may suggest one of these foods as a test and you should have a believable excuse ready so that I don't catch on. This list isn't meant to be all-encompassing but I think it gets across most of my ideas about generalized eating habits:

- Avocados*
- Garlic
- Berries (any kind)
- Tomatoes
- Pho
- Bread (any kind, except bullshit bread with like raisins or cranberries)
- Cheese (any kind)
- Spinach
- Cilantro**
- Crispy IPAs (not a food but whatever)
- Salt
- Mushrooms*** (any kind)
- Plums
- Hummus
- Lemons
- Kale
- Mustard
- Artichokes
- Mangos

Things not on the list
- Things that are flavored like bacon but are not actually made of bacon
- Bacon

*I swear to god a senior engineer at work told me last week that he didn't like avocados and thought "they're all mushy and gross." I almost didn't even put avocados on this list because I thought it was just totally automatic. Like all those girls on OkCupid who say they can't live without "air and water." Why even bother mentioning it? Anyways, I told him "Mike, you're a fucking idiot and that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard." We have a pretty good relationship that way.
**Yeah, I said it. Don't give me that bullshit about how some people have a recessive gene that makes cilantro taste like soap. That's just how cilantro tastes, and it's awesome. Everyone I've ever met that doesn't like cilantro is the type of person that eats cheese pizza at every meal.
***A different senior engineer at work told me he didn't eat mushrooms because they grow in shit. Okay, yeah, that's sort of true, but they're also delicious, and the "grows in shit" line doesn't really give proper justice to mycelium. He's actually quite a bit senior to me so, although I still called him an idiot, I sort of said it more jokingly and I didn't include the F-bomb. Sometimes you have to pick your battles.