Monday, December 31, 2012

Album Of The Year 2012: Duck Little Brother! Duck- Don't Take Our Filth Away

Genre: Math Rock, Hardcore
For Fans Of: Zona Mexicana, Small Brown Bike,
Every year I anticipate album releases from favorite bands and more times than not they fall flat in terms of expectations. Duck Little Brother, Duck!, a loud, caustic math rock four-piece from Portland, Oregon released a full-length record in 2010 titled “Survival Is Not a Workout”, (their first release) and instantly became one of my favorite records. So when I first saw a teaser of their next record, I was apprehensive yet excited, to see if they could conquer themselves. And by the title of this post, they did.

Signed to one of the hipper labels, Topshelf Records, which places them along popular emo/skramz artists, Duck Little Brother, Duck! doesn't fall into the trappings of the genre they have been placed beside, but rather do subtle winks and nods throughout the record to their influences, and dance along a hardcore flavor to create something unique and refreshing without stepping on anyone's toes. Don't Take Our Filth Away  is exactly as the title implies, there is beauty in their dissonance. Dirt in the fret boards, and grime built up on the drums. This is how I imagine this record was created. bright, technical songs and riffs channeling through a deteriorating instrument. Sounds like a complaint, but its the biggest compliment. Don't Take Our Filth Away is a refreshing take on the math rock genre. (contentious title within itself) We often praise music that displaces us within its sound, a form of escapism. This record does the exact opposite. It quickly latches onto your monotonous day. Recent achievements, a good day at work, messy shortcomings or distant regret, all lingers with glints of beauty hidden within all of it.